Canoe Rentals and Camping
Reservations & Deposits

After April 1st a $15.00 deposit is required on canoes and kayaks, $25.00 on rafts for Saturday & Holidays. Canoes are always available Sunday thru Friday.

When making reservations notify us as to when you will arrive, number of days you want canoes, number of persons in your party and how many canoes you want to reserve. Also if you plan to camp.

Please CHECK IN at the office before setting up camp!

**Your deposit will be refundable upon request if we are notified 5 days before your floating date.**

**Please remember that land on both sides of the river is privately owned. Camping is permitted in authorized campgrounds only.**

**WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE for property loss due to theft or damage during your stay at the resort.

We are now OPEN, looking forward to seeing you soon!
For reservations, please call 417-588-1908


12 midnight on Friday and Saturday to be observed.

Music is to be kept at moderate level! Radios OFF at 11:00pm

No ATV riding on campground.

Firearms are not allowed in canoes or on the campground.

Please DO NOT LITTER the river or banks. Trash bags are available and we do have a place to deposit them at the end of your trip.

AFTER 2:00am

Moderate alcohol allowed, If you are looking for a place to party all night, HO HUMM is NOT for YOU!

Our Camp Rules are Strictly Enforced!


We hope these rules do not inconvenience anyone, we must have rules and ours are in all print, on the website and you can call about your pets qualifications. Again we apologize if your pet is not allowed in our resort. We do the best we can for everyone, all things concidered.

Thanks for your understanding.

Recently a lot of resorts & campgrounds are not allowing dogs of any breed on their property at any time.

This Resort's Position Is:
  • Some dogs are permitted, some dogs are not!
  • No large and/or aggressive breeds or mix of, young or old, large or small.
  • No cancellation or refund of reservation because of animal dispute.
  • No dogs left unattended.
  • Dogs OKAY in canoes! - No dogs in rubber rafts
  • Don't forget their flotation device!
  • All dogs, in resort, must be kept on a short (6') leash.
  • You MUST clean up after your pets!
  • Call before you bring your dog.
  • If there is a dispute our decision is final.
  • You are liable for your pet!